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About US

About Us

Jangral Traders was established in 2010 for the purpose of serving the nation by providing the latest technology.

Jangral Traders upheld a corporate philosophy of serving society through its products and business practices and has engaged business activities under the principle of contribution to the “creation of prosperous society”.

With the digital age changing the way information and entertainment are being experienced,   Jangral Traders is fast positioning itself to keep at the pace. Our corporate statement “Smart   Solutions” is a declaration of our vow that the Jangral Traders will continue to meet expectations of society in this age of information, knowledge and empowered consumers. Our greatest  corporate asset is the synergistic power of advanced hardware technology with our extensive expertise in industry. We make every effort to link this asset with user needs in order to create a new generation of products and services that enrich lives around the region.

At Jangral Traders we are focused on delivering our brand promise throughout the value chain covering high-quality products, outstanding response to customer needs and much more.

As a corporate citizen, we continue to play an active role in our communities. Our progress will ensure our delivery of The Perfect Experience as our contribution to culture and society.

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